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What is bagexpress

bagexpress.eu was born from the union of consolidated experience in the commercial aviation, airport services, transport and logistics fields.
The quality and reliability of services offered by bagexpress.it are guaranteed by the UPS logistics platform, the world leader in express shipping.

The goal of bagexpress is to facilitate the experience of those who travel for tourism, study or work by offering a pick-up, shipping and delivery service for luggage and technical or sports equipment.

Available online at www.bagexpress.eu or telephone number +39 081 19706711, bagexpress is comfort and convenience in one service.

bagexpress collects luggage from home, the office or from any other place guaranteeing it for a maximum of € 1,000 and delivers it directly to the destination address within two days in Italy and three days in Europe.

Each piece of luggage can be tracked through a tracking number and successful delivery will be notified to the customer through a text message.

No more stress in choosing what to pack

Travel with ease and hands free. Regardless of weight, light and safe.

bagexpress: a unique service for special luggage suitable for families with small children, senior citizens, athletes, expatriates, cruise passengers and those who need to transport bulky and heavy luggage such as, skis, golf bags and diving equipment.

bagexpress solves the problem of annoying luggage providing its customers the opportunity to ship it across Europe without the weight limitations and number of bags typical of airlines.

For those who travel for pleasure, study or work, bagexpress offers two types of rates:  medium luggage, which includes luggage up to 25 kg, is applicable to a type of standard products; large luggage includes luggage up to 45 kg.

In addition, for sports men and women who need to carry technical or sports equipment, there are three additional services: transport of skis or snowboards not exceeding 2m and transport of golf bags up to 40 kg.

Just choose where to go

Send your luggage safely.  Enjoy the pleasure of the trip.

bagexpress: the best solution for tour operators

By using our service tour operators will be able to offer customers a smart trip, guaranteeing competitive prices, reliability and peace of mind.

The possibility of not having to worry about their luggage gives advantages both to the tourists who are free from the anxieties of the journey, and to the tour operators who can offer an additional service to their leisure clients.

bagexpress with luggage pick-up and delivery service contributes to an unforgettable travelling experience, all at affordable prices and within 48/72 hours from departure. (Note: Check the transit time with our booking system)

This combined with a highly qualified staff ready to provide any kind of information or clarification for each phase of the service, from collection to notification of delivery.

Easy to buy, comfortable to use.

Try the simplicity of our services now.

The luggage or technical-sports equipment shipment service can be purchased at www.bagexpress.it or through Customer Service at +39 081 19706711.

A simple and intuitive system where you can make reservations and monitor transit consignments in real time.  For every booking made online or by phone, it will be enough to indicate the place of collection and delivery, the number and type of luggage and the departure date.

Once you have evaluated any optional services, you can complete the operation with payment by credit card. On the appointed day, your luggage will be picked up by an agent, shipped and delivered to destination.

bagexpress satisfies the desire to make the journey as comfortable and easy as possible in a simple and flexible way.

If necessary, bagexpress customer service is ready to provide any kind of information about the services and the support needed for making a reservation. Customers will be able to find out about the status of the consignment at any time and request a change of booking if necessary.

Direct Line with our customer service

5 reasons for choosing bagexpress.

Pick up and delivery

With bagexpress you can travel with your hands in your pockets, your bags leave from home and you’ll find them easily when you reach your destination, without the effort of loading and transporting them and without tedious waste of time to check in.

You can send your luggage without weight or quantity limits

With bagexpress you can send your bags and travel light and free from the hassles of luggage, without shipping limits.


Your luggage is in safe hands

With bagexpress you sleep easy. Thanks to the technological support of UPS, the world leader in express shipping, you are guaranteed to find your luggage at its destination. You are immediately notified as soon as the shipment is delivered.

A unique service for special baggage

bagexpress is ideal for anyone who needs to send luggage, sports or professional equipment that would make the journey more tiring than usual. Golf bags, skis, diving equipment, samples, surf boards and other items travel first class.

With bagexpress you never travel alone

bagexpress has a call centre at your disposal with staff to assist you in every phase of the service: from departure, with explanation and information on rates and promotions, until arrival with notification of delivery.

We pick up and deliver
over 9.000 luggage each year
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