How does the European service work?

The same as for collections in Italy. We only ask you to enter all the data of the foreign destination with the utmost care and detail: in addition to the address we need a local telephone number with country code, the code for access to the building (if any), the room/floor number and any references on the intercom. All this is to facilitate delivery and enable the collection.

How do you book or buy the Europe service?

You can purchase the service directly on the website or by contacting the call centre on 199 418 428 if calling from Italy, or on +39 081 19 70 67 11 if you are calling from a EU country.

Does the Europe service require particular times and procedures?

The service is usually purchased by 17.00 hours the day before collection, just as for shipments departing from Italy. On the indicated day, one of our representatives will show up at the address provided to pick up your luggage. Please keep in mind that the collection and delivery addresses must always be manned. The courier will collect or deliver your bags between 09.00 and 19.00 hours on the agreed date.

Furthermore, check the entry “what are the appropriate precautions”, in this section.. The procedures you find are mandatory.

What is the bagexpress service?

bagexpress offers assistance and facilitates the travel experience for passengers who want to avoid carrying their own luggage. How? Collecting your luggage at home, transporting and delivering it to the intended destination (hotel, house, etc.) within the requested time and in sync with your trip.

What types of luggage can I entrust bagexpress?

bagexpress accepts luggage of any type and size, up to a weight of 45 kg and a maximum of 100 cm length, 60 cm height, 40 cm depth. For any clarification about tariff calculation in relation to weight and size you can find all the information in the specific section on the web site or you can call customer service [199 418 428 or  +39 08119706711 (from abroad)] and speak to one of our staff.

What else can I entrust bagexpress for shipping in addition to luggage?

bagexpress will assist you for transporting any type of luggage shipped by you on your travels. You can also send sports equipment as well as luggage (e.g.: golf clubs, diving equipment, etc.*).

The indications of the size limitations, weight and towns served are included on the site.

For shipments outside standard size, or for any other information you can call the customer service (from Italy: 199 418 428; from abroad:  +39 08119706711) and speak to one of our staff.

* For the complete list and preparation details, please contact the data centre.

Which areas is the service available for?

The countries served by bagexpress, are those of the European Union (EU): Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Czech Rep., Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania. Therefore, all destinations within the EU can be reached with the exception of: the Channel Islands, the Canary Islands, the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, Madeira, Porto Santo, Malta and Cyprus. Further additions to the service will be announced through the website or directly via email if you are a registered customer.

How long in advance can I schedule a pickup?

From 60 days before until 17:00 hrs on the day before the date you choose for collection. Of course, the collection date is related to the requested delivery date and vice versa. We suggest you arrange for delivery of the luggage at least one day before your arrival, so that it is there waiting for you, not vice versa

What precautions are necessary?

1) Wrap the luggage completely with plastic wrap (also food grade wrap is suitable), including wheels and retractable carrying handle;

2) Attach a luggage tag to the fixed luggage handle (the only part that you can leave outside the cellophane) with your address, including a phone number, name and surname;

3) Put a padlock on the bag’s zip or insert a number combination.

Of course you will have to remove all tags applied previously.

Warning, these procedures are compulsory!

Could I be contacted by the driver to make arrangements for collection/delivery?

The driver is not allowed to make calls. It is essential that the place of collection/delivery is manned from 9:00 to 19:00.

Is it possible to change the delivery day when you make a shipment order?

The delivery day is consequential to that of collection.

If the driver doesn’t find anyone at home on the day scheduled for delivery, are any further attempts made on the following working days.

Can I ship my bike with bagexpress?

bagexpress deals with the shipment of bicycles only if they are properly packed in special containers which preserve their integrity. The optimal solution would be to place the bicycle in a preformed casing (those used in sports) that ensures the stability to avoid any damage.

Can you tell me at what time my luggage will be picked up?

The time slot for collection and deliveries is 9:00 to 19:00.

It is not possible to give you an accurate time because each UPS branch organises its operations daily.

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