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bagexpress offers the easiest and most secure service to send your suitcases to [from] and in Europe.
For your next trip travel #handsfree

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Send your luggage with bagexpress and travel hands free! Your luggages will have the delivery guarantee included in the price and you can deliver it to our agent in [from].

Pick up and home delivery

bagexpress in charge agent will pick your luggage up in [from] in the selected date. On the day of delivery your luggage will be at [to] at the address you prefer. Convenient, easy and safe.

Make a free estimate
The cost for shipping a medium suitcase (up to 25Kg) [from_start] [to_end] is [included] all inclusive. bagexpress sends your luggage up to 40Kg across Europe.

Dedicated Call Center service
For all questions or requests for assistance, please contact our dedicated call center. Ask for your shipment or delivery status: we will help you online and offline for any need.

Security of your data

bagexpress has no hidden costs and offers an online luggage booking process with credit card payment. All your data are safe thanks to our encrypted connection and the high security standards of our partners.

Good trip to [to]
Do not think about the weight of the luggage, bagexpress will arrange to deliver them to your hotel or home and you will be able to travel hands-free. #handsfree

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Collection and delivery

With bagexpress you can travel #handsfree being sure that your bag will be picked up wherever you wish to (home , office …) and be delivered at your destination. With bagexpress you will be no longer annoyed by effort of loading and transporting your bag or by the tedious waste of time of the airport chech-in.

An exclusive service for special luggage

bagexpress is ideal for shipping bulky luggage, sports or professional equipment: golf bags, skis, diving equipment, strollers,and other items travel first class.

Your luggage is in safe hands

Rely on bagexpress and remain stress free when you travel: thanks to the technological support of UPS, world leader in shipments, you are guaranteed to find your luggage at its destination.

With bagexpress you never travel alone

bagexpress call centre is always at your disposal to assist you in each step of the service: from departure, with explanation and information on rates and promotions, until arrival with notification of delivery.

Send your luggage without limits

With bagexpress you can send your bags and travel light and free from the hassles of luggage, without shipping limits.

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