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As a result of improving the epidemical curve and an effective vaccination campaign, inter-regional movements will no longer be limited only for health or work reasons.

A  green pass has been established that will allow you to move even between red or orange areas,  it will be enough to own a certificate of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 or a negative test carried out 48 hours before the departure date.

Since the health emergency is not over yet, it will be necessary to continue to respect the health security rules, especially on means of transport.

Traveling by train

Booking in advance is necessary for medium-long distance trains but to travel on regional and local trains advanced reservation is not necessary.

It is recommended to buy tickets online in order to have the QR code on your device that can be shown at the moment of control and to avoid too close personal contacts.

The use of the masks will be always mandatory during the whole journey and it is recommended to sanitize our hands, objects, and surfaces with which we are in contact.

Travelling by plane

Passenger limit has never been set for flights during the pandemic period. Nevertheless, the use of masks is essential and compulsory on the aircraft. However, we note that on some airlines masks made of cloth and masks with valve are not accepted so a surgical mask or FFP2 is required.

Travelling by ferry

The capacity of the vehicle is limited by up to 50% for ferry trips.

Long journeys require a negative test carried out 48 hours before departure and it is also not possible to share the cabin with non-family members.

The test is not required for local transport.

In any case, the temperature will be measured before boarding.

If the temperature is higher than 37.5 °, the passenger is not allowed to board.

The mask is always mandatory until new provisions are made.

Travelling by bus

Booking in advance is required for long-distance bus trips.

For local bus transport that is not necessary but there is a limit of 50% of vehicles capacity, which can change slightly if there are passengers of the same family on board.

Before departure, passengers sign a declaration that their trip can be cancelled if symptoms occur.

Therefore if someone feels ill during the trip and the symptoms are attributable to Covid-19, the person in question will be dropped off and handed over to the local national authority.

In addition to wearing the mask, the most important advice is always the same:

replace the mask every 4 hours, clean and sanitize every surface you come in contact with during the journey and avoid close contacts with other passengers.

Travelling by car

Even if travelling by car may seem safer, it is still advisable to be careful especially if you are travelling with friends or relatives who are not your family members.

In fact, the only limit for family members is the capacity of the car, whereas non-family member should leave free the seat next to the driver and occupy behind only two seats next to the window.

It should be emphasized that masks must be always worn between non-family members in order to reduce the possibility of infection with the virus.

With bagexpress you can travel in peace by any means without worrying about the luggage limit. Your time has come, enjoy the journey, enjoy the summer!


With bagexpress you can travel in peace by any means without worrying about the luggage limit. Your time has come, enjoy the journey, enjoy the summer!