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Summer is approaching and the desire to escape, after a long period spent at home and at work, is getting stronger.

The perfect solution is a place where to feel safe and, at the same time, enjoy the days in complete serenity.

Italy offers numerous places, between sea and mountains, where you can recharge in complete safety.

Campania – Procida

Belonging to the archipelago of the Phlegraean Islands, located a few kilometers from Naples, Procida is the first Italian island that is completely covid-free.

After a fruitful vaccination campaign against covid-19, Procida is one of the first fully immunized tourist resorts.

The wonderful island, in addition to crystal clear beaches, offers breathtaking views.

What strikes more about the island, are certainly the colors of the medieval village of Marina Corricella, which was the setting for the film “Il Postino” by Massimo Troisi.

Furthermore, it is possible to participate in various activities that allow you to get to know the seascape of Procida up close.

Umbria – Perugia

The Umbrian city offers a big artistic and cultural heritage.

From a landscape to another, you can enjoy the grandeur of art and architecture, which makes the experience much more attractive.

Among the places to visit absolutely, the National Gallery, the Etruscan Well, and Lake Trasimeno cannot be missed.

It is an excellent destination if you plan to combine the love for nature with that for art, food, and culture.

Umbria is one of the 5 regions with the lowest number of covid- infections as per the percentage of the population.

Valle d’Aosta – Aosta

Although it is the smallest Italian region, Valle D’Aosta offers a very rich heritage.

Despite the fact that nature is the protagonist in this region, there are also various cultural routes.

Aosta, just like Rome, preserves traces of the passage of the Romans: the Arch of Augustus, the Praetorian Door, the Monumental Roman Theater, the Amphitheater, and many other places.

Among the many naturalistic beauties of the region, a special mention goes to the Gran Paradiso National Park, the first Italian natural park to be established. In addition to the vast fauna that characterizes it, the experiences that the place offers should not be underestimated: rafting, snowshoeing, photographic trekking, climbing, and much more.

As for the pandemic situation, Valle D’Aosta ranks as the last region for infections as per the percentage of the population, and vaccinations are proceeding quickly.

Toscana – Firenze

The cities of art are the ones that have suffered most during the pandemic.

Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and of Italian culture, has been empty as never before due to covid infection. Now that vaccinations are going on unabated and covid cases are decreasing, it’s time to catch up!

Full of history, art, architecture and good food, it is, for sure, one of the safest and, at the same time, most important destinations in Italy.

It would be an error to list places to visit since the city is an open-air museum.

We suggest you get lost in the beauty of the Uffizi Gallery, the Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Boboli Gardens, the Florentine alleys, the squares, and the wonders that characterize the city.

Basilicata – Matera

The city of Matera is an excellent combination of culture, fun, and relaxation.

The historic center is characterized by the presence of the famous Sassi di Matera (buildings carved into the rock and inhabited since prehistoric times) declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

Matera is also a seaside destination,  even if it isn’t famous for this. The clear and crystalline sea embraced by nature makes it a wonderful place to spend days in absolute relaxation.

Basilicata continues its vaccination campaign and ranks third the last region in terms of the number of contagions related to the population.


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