Green Pass

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Travelling with no restrictions? Starting from June 15, it will no longer be a utopia.

The EU and all the member states are working on the Green Pass, a healthcare certificate with which the people can travel for tourism without restrictions.

What is it?

The Green Pass is a “vaccine passport” that will authorize travels in Italy also between red and orange zone regions. With the green pass, you can also take part in outdoor events and shows, civil or religious ceremonies, fairs, conventions, and conferences. It is a free document that can be in digital or paper format and guarantees the European citizen’s privacy.

Furthermore, it will be available in the national language (of the country issuing the certificate) and in English. The green pass will have a QR code for quick scanning of information through special readers or the smartphone camera.

How to get it?

To get the green pass, you have to be part of one of these three categories:

  • Have been vaccinated against Covid-19;
  • Being negative to Covid-19 test;
  • Being fully healed after being infected with SARS-CoV-2.

How to request it?

There are several ways depending on the type of certification:

Vaccination certification

All the people that have been vaccinated can request the Green Pass that will be valid only after 14 days from the last administration. In this certificate we will find information that is automatically entered in an electronic health record, managed by the Region, which contains all the main health care data of every Italian citizen

The information found in this booklet are: Name and surname, date of birth, vaccine administrated, date of the last administration, country, and facility in which it was made the vaccination.

In this case, the certificate will be issued by the health facility that has made the vaccination.

Negative test certification

The second solution is the request for a Green Pass in case of a negative result after a molecular test is done a maximum of 72 hours before or a rapid antigen test, done a maximum of 48 hours before.

Covid-19 recovery certification

The third option to get the green pass is full recovery after the infection from Covid-19. In fact, according to the health authorities, a person is considered not at risk for the following six months.

The certificate must contain some essential information, such as your name and surname, the European state of residence, or the one in which the recovery was detected. It must also indicate the date on which the positivity to the virus was identified, the type of test used, and the data relating to the subsequent control test with negative results. This pass must also show which facility or healthcare professional has certified the patient’s recovery, the validity of the certificate, and an identification number.

In this case, the certificate will be issued by the facility where the patient suffering from Covid-19 was hospitalized or by a doctor.


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