Dangerous Goods

Bag Express doesn’t carry out the carriage and doesn’t provide other services relating baggage which, at our exclusive discretion, contain dangerous goods and/or are considered dangerous, including, but not to a limited extent, those ones specified in the technical guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in the regulation about the dangerous goods of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in the code of International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMGD), in the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR), or in any other relevant national, EU or international regulation applicable to the carriage and the completion of different services inherent dangerous goods.

Rules of aviation safety

The Customer, demonstrating adherence to the Service and entrusting us the delivery of baggage, ensure that it doesn’t contain a prohibited article. Shipments carried by us or managed by us may be subject to security controls, including use of X-ray systems and/or scanner and the Customer is agree that the bag can be opened and its contents monitored during the transport. The Customer authorizes, therefore, BAG EXPRESS and/or auxiliaries, members and affiliates of Bag Express ltd, operating partners, agents and independent contractors of Bag Express, customs or police authorities to carry out any inspection of security which becomes necessary on the baggage transported by air. The Customer warrants that he set up the luggage to be carried, or for the performance of different services, in safe places and he warrants that the shipment has been safeguarded from any unauthorized or unlawful interference during its preparation, eventual packing and carriage, up to the time before the acceptance of baggage by the Bag Express.

Items prohibited or not accepted by Bag Express.

Bag Express does not carry baggage containing the following items:

  • Sprays;
  • Fuel system vehicles components which have contained fuel;
  • Alarm devices;
  • Explosives, including detonators, fuses, mines, grenades, fireworks and pyrotechnics;
  • Gas, including propane and butane;
  • Flammable liquids, including gasoline and methanol;
  • Cooling or stinging liquids and liquids of any kind;
  • Radioactive material, including medicinal or commercial isotopes
  • Flammable solids and reactive substances, including magnesium, ignition devices;
  • Corrosive substances, including mercury and vehicle batteries;
  • Perfumes, flammable liquid / solid substances, including alcohol greater than 70 degrees
  • Magnetizing material;
  • Oxidant substances and organic peroxides, including bleach and kit car body repair;
  • Toxic or infectious substances, including rat poison and infected blood;
  • Underwater flashlight with batteries enclosed;
  • Plants, seeds and alive or dead animals;
  • Securities and negotiable certificates (bills of lading);
  • Currency (cash, coins, credit cards, prepaid cards and travellers cheques)
  • Other values not negotiable;
  • Weaponry material, ammunitions, bullets, firearms and weapons;
  • Software, videogames and hardware components;
  • Waste;
  • Political material;
  • Hazardous materials;
  • Perishable products;
  • Pharmaceutical products in quantities above the client’s personal therapy of 30 days;
  • Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances;
  • Tobacco, alcohol and tobacco products;
  • Works of art;
  • Cultural heritage in general;
  • Documents, calls for public or private tenders, card values, meal tickets and fuel tickets, etc..
  • Fragile objects, such as glass, bottles, etc..
  • Architectural models;
  • Goods subject to customs duty;
  • Biological tissues and anatomical parts;
  • Watches;
  • Ivory and ivory objects;
  • Animal skins and furs;
  • Computers, photographic equipment, camcorders, mobile phones, tablets, console, videogames, electric and electronic equipment

Customer understands and acknowledges that the transport of such articles, although if not visible by X-ray and/or scanner, contained inside bags, is absolutely prohibited and, however, not accepted by us and subject to specific regulations of the field that in some cases and in some countries provide for financial penalties, arrest and/or imprisonment of responsible/holder/possessor/owner /proprietor. In case of inclusion of items listed within the luggage, the Customer will be solely and exclusively responsible for all civil and penal consequences resulting from the simple carriage of baggage, and, suitably, he relieves Bag Express, its sub-carriers, partners and auxiliaries from any administrative, pecuniary, civil or criminal liability. Bag Express considers the list of the items mentioned above, except those ones prohibited by international, national and EU regulations, not compelling for Customers EU citizens, with direct departure from an EU Member State and direct destination towards an EU Member State. The customer is informed that, because of the inadequate preparation of luggage and / or insertion of prohibited items and / or not accepted, the same baggage as its content, could be destroyed.